SCCA G Prepared Austin Healey Sprite, now on American Racer Tires

Over the past few months we have been struggling with random car issues (it is a 40+ year old car afterall). We’ve had the raise the car temporarily due to rubbing issues. The rear sway bar is back on (yay & nay). The good news is it’s more controllable than the last time the rear sway bar is on, so we’re making progress. Hopefully we can lower it again soon.

At the end of Summer, we were part of a group buy of specially made American Racer Tires – soft M28 compound with stiffer sidewalls for autocross use.

We finally had a chance to test it out during the October 5 & 6 autox practice & championship. For what they cost & with no setup changes, they are working great!

They are a world of difference better than the Hoosier cantilevers we ran (rb25 compound). The characteristics are a bit different than our favorite Avon tires in a15 compound (the gold standard for g prepared). They seem to not have as high a maximum grip. We are hitting maybe 1.2-1.3 lateral g’s with the American Racers depending on corner whereas we were getting 1.4-1.5 lateral g’s with the Avons. Of course, we haven’t made any setup changes and it could have had a lot to do with the course we ran on. I’ll have to look at Sunday’s course data as well for further analysis.

It may just take some getting use to or setup changes. The American Racers also seem to go into snap oversteer more suddenly than Avons and Goodyears but have a better lower end threshold before losing that grip.

Here is my run on the Saturday course: