GReddy Festival ’08 – Autocross

So this past weekend, I attended the 2008 GReddy Performance Festival (Sale, Drift, Autocross). I didn’t check out the sale but participated in the autocross. Lots of NOOBS! There were a few SCCA guys there, who obviously kicked my ass, haha. However, I beat almost all of the newbies, WOO HOO!

I arrived at approximately 7:00am (15 minutes ahead of schedule) to wait near the front of the line for over 1.5 hours while the workers/organizers just said “are you racing? okay, hold on a minute.” There was a ridiculous amount of confusion from the workers – they spent half their time reordering cars, changing the lines, lining up car forum people (the line of 40 or so s2000′s *cough* non-paying *cough* which arrived significantly after I did but got in while I was waiting for god knows what near the front of the line comes to mind). I can totally understand that they may have been understaffed & everyone showed up at the same time… but they knew who is paying to be there & who were there for basically a meet (sure, there’s a sale where these guys “may” buy some stuff, but there are also people who have already paid to be there for a driving event).

The funniest thing must have been a driver who showed up in a bright red Yaris w/ some white rims & I believe Azenis 615′s. Looked fully raced prepped – sparco decals on the mudflaps, racing seats, gutted rear interior, etc. Driver stepped out, fully decked in a red Sparco driving suit. Also a chinese flag decal w/ his last name on the rear quarter window. WOW, he must be serious! Had a whole following with him, too. Turns out he was running around 59-60 seconds fastest. I know it’s a Yaris, but considering that I’ve seen a Yaris with very minimal mods & the same tires run the same autocross times I was during solo events, this guy seemed more like a joke to me.

*Found his picture on autoblog: SPARCO MANNN!

Got about 18 runs in. There would have been more if Drift Day administration (they were running the drifting & autocrossing section) didn’t limit runs to only one car on course at a time for half a run session (from about 3-4), then later to 2-3 cars – not sure if this was their decision or El Toro’s decision, but it sucked nonetheless. They also shut down the autocross side early @ 4:00pm instead of the originally scheduled 5:00pm. They did allow the drift side to run longer. For a non-work event, it wasn’t bad – though that does come with its own gripes, such as the course workers (not sure if they were paid or not) not picking up cones quickly, if at all.

Real timing equipment was a major plus.

Other than initial wait time and a few other problems, the course itself was fun & challenging enough to keep me entertained through out the day. It’s understandable since this is one of Drift Day’s first autocrosses, but I hope they improve the quality and organization of the events in the future. $80 for autocross & GReddy gloves, as well as no working, isn’t too shabby a deal.

Still trying to figure out how to embed video directly w/ current software; until then, click thumbnail to view video of one of my faster runs – pretty sure this was the 52.81 run. My fastest time was a 52.71. For reference, I believe the top time of day was around 44.5 seconds by national champ Jason Isley in his RX-8 w/ r-compounds. Other SCCA people there were ranging around 45-50 seconds (miata, rx-8, 240, prelude, old school integra, and I think the vw r32). Most non-solo regulars were in the 53-60 second range (a couple civics, accords, a yaris, s2000′s, 350z’s, sti’s, evo’s, a porshe, and others) and just a couple in the 50-52 range (lotus, 240, maybe a couple others).


Update: Cat found a pic of me on autoblog, weeee:


EDIT: Forgot to mention (probably because it’s embarassing), there were only two girls running autox @ the event – Lily (prelude) & Cat (240sx) – and they basically kicked EVERYONE’s ass who wasn’t on r-compounds.

Update: made a video of the autox/drift/car show – GReddy Festival Coverage



  1. Great deal, but should be scheduled better. With ricers, who knows how early they show up to events!

  2. That’s the thing! When I showed up, I was about the 15-20th car in line. The vast majority of rice rockets/hard parkers/whatever you wanna call them didn’t show up until WAY later (by the time I was about 5th-8th car.

    Looked as if 15-20 of the drift section guys came by (or maybe it was like 5 guys & the rest were their support crew/spectators whatever), but the majority of autox/drift guys were definitely not there yet.

    If I showed up and there were hundreds of cars in line already, then okay, my bad, should have not slept in… but I arrived well before those guys.

    There were a good amount of cars who had already gotten in general parking (you could see a crowd of people looking @ the lil drift practice show they had going on early in the morning… while the line was building up, there were most likely some workers busy watching the drifto action…)

  3. Hey QV! You forgot to mention that a couple of hot chicks were kickin’ guys butts! LOL BTW, just for clarification, it wasn’t Drift Association who decided the one-car-at-a-time thing. It was AMCI, bummer. But at least they started allowing 2 cars after a lil’ while. Oh, and if you talk to Emanuel, tell him I want my “race face” pic!

  4. Okay okay, edited. Must have slipped my mind… :P

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