Grits… Mmmmm…mmm?

Went out for dinner a couple nights ago to Denny’s (my favorite regular everyday eating restaurant evers!) with Donny and Lien.

Donny decided he wanted to try grits, but none of us really knew what it was. Lien had thought it was a type of hashbrown but prepared differently. I thought, okay, sure why not!

Turns out it’s a corn porridge type thing with almost no taste. I’m having regular porridge right now (rice with beef), so it reminded me of this. The guys didn’t care for it, so I ate it all, it was delicious! GRITTY!

We asked Cat & Dung what they thought grits were last night, and they also figured it would be a type of hashbrown.

WRONG! It’s corn people; if you didn’t know, then now you know.

Wikipedia overview:
Grits, gritty tasting!


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