KA24DE(T) – finally under way!

I’ve been trying to get a turbo 240 up and running for the past 2-3 years. Something always happened: gathered all parts for greenie/silvia 240sx, installed oil pan, ecu, etc – then had problems w/ car & later picked up Candy.

I’ve been gathering parts for Candy for the past year / year-and-a-half. Most parts have been sitting under my bed or in the tool shed. One of the biggest disadvantages of running a stock automatic 240sx, especially a convertible, is the lack of power. All the FR guys have been upgrading & tuning their turbo cars again. I’m motivated!

Hopefully, I can get the tapped oil pan, Nismo mounts, and other prep work for Candy done before the March Pro Solo.

Repainted VHT Real Orange and -10an bung – YUM!:

KA Oil Pan

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  1. Das ist hot. Can I haz ride in KA-T plz?

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