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Quick Update… and Best Bumper Sticker, EVER!

Ok, quick update on everything. Joffrey’s sent me my sample this week, woo hoo! I’ll be doing a full coffee review w/ Ankur next week hopefully. Also test-fitted the turbo – turns out I will need to relocate the power steering and possibly tweak the a/c line, as well as redo the oil drain line and turbo dump pipe… so much work :( .

Unfortunately, I also snapped an exhaust manifold stud while tightening everything back up. Also got my magnetic racing numbers from a local autocrosser who does this on the side, woo hoo!!! This weekend, I’ll be working on the intake manifold side. Pictures will be coming soon – probably by next Sunday’s autocross practice.

And moment of the week: while leaving work driving to FRSport, I came behind this Dodge Durango (think it’s a Durango):

Best bumper sticker, EVER! hahaha.