Jon Goes Buttonwillow, Quoc-Viet Goes Fontucky, and Candy Gets Surgery…

Lots of things happening this past week or so.

1) Jon goes to Buttonwillow (believe it was a CSCC event) with his miata. IIRC, got 4th overall his first time out – congrats Jon!
Follow link to view the in-car video of the warm-up & first few laps before the camera decided to turn off:

Jon @ Buttonwillow Raceway - CSCC Event

I wanted to attend this event and help be Jon’s pit crew, however, I was busy getting the “new” intake manifold setup installed on Candy – that went half-okay… one step closer to a faster 240!!!

2) For Easter Sunday, I signed up for the SCCA CSCC Autocross Practice @ AAA California Speedway. I took the ’03 Sentra GXE. Personal fastest for day was 66.21x – camcorder ran out of batteries. Lots of runs (easily close to 20 w/ breaks & I also stopped early since I was almost out of gas), very chill/relaxed environment today. Follow the link to view the in-car video of one of my faster runs (66.7xx):

3) Some of you may be wondering why I took the Sentra instead of Candy (240sx) to the autocross practice when Pro Solo is just a week away. Well, Candy is getting a total makeover; hopefully she’ll be done in time for the Pro Solo, otherwise I will most likely prep the Sentra to run G-Stock. I dropped her off @ a local body shop that has done work on some of the FRSport guys’ cars. Price is reasonable for the amount of bodywork & custom stuff I am trying to get done. Follow the link for more pictures of “before” & “in progress” pictures.




  1. Mako took some photos from the event (autox):—auto-cross/cscc-auto-cross-school/

    If you visit – there are a few other videos of faster cars so you can see what it looked like from their perspectives; here are the ones I saw when I logged in:
    -–E – Spitfire
    - – GTI

  2. Previous link was from autocross school on Saturday. Practice pics here:—auto-cross/cscc-eboard-practic/

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