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ProSolo This Weekend… G-Stock Here I Come!

Looks like Candy will be @ the body shop longer than expected. Dropped by yesterday and she just had her body work completed & was scheduled for sanding.

That being said, I will be taking the Sentra to go get my ass kicked at the El Toro Pro Solo (as opposed to taking my 240sx to go get my ass kicked, haha). The only mod on the Sentra is the 17″ rims w/ 235′s in front -> which would put me in STX…

My plan is to put the stock rims back on and slap 225/50R15 Hankook RS-2′s on the stock 15×6″ & compete in G Stock vs all the Mini Cooper’s, eeekkk! From the Entry list, looks like most, if not all, are running R-Compounds for the event.

Man o man, what did I get myself into?

Here are the latest pictures of Candy with the completed body work, smooooottthhhh (click the picture for the main album):

Bodywork Done - Candy 02