ProSolo – Plans Change Yet Again… *sigh*

I was planning on getting the tires (whatever it was I end up getting) mounted Friday morning, which would give me enough time to clean her up, then head over to El Toro for the Noice QuickStart, tech, registration, and practice starts. Unfortunately, the tire shop,, which was going to get the tires & mount/balance them, will not be receiving their “morning delivery” until approximately 1pm. I need to be @ El Toro by 2pm. Over the past week, I’ve been talking w/ City Tire’s rep Brian – he’s been VERY helpful and patient with all my questions.

Realistically, it’s not going to matter what tire I run or what class I will run in since I will get slaughtered pretty much no matter what.

The plan now looks to be ss535 205/55R15 in front (all season “high performance” Federal tires), and the stock Bridgestones in the back – I’m hoping this will cause the car to oversteer a bit. I’ll be waiting @
City Tire around lunch time & hope for a speedy delivery.

All-Seasons QV vs R-Compound National Champions – this should be interesting… well, maybe not for them, hahaha.


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