Talk About Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight…


- Took care of tech, registration, pratice starts, and tires on Friday. I ended up just replacing the 2 front tires – 205/55R15 Federal SS535. The right rear is Dunlop ‘Super Sport’ All-Season, and the left rear is Bridgestone RE-170 All-Season. Yup… gonna get pwn’d!

Sienna (my sister decided to name Sentra that) in full race trim.

- Saw the other Sentra entry there – Dennis – Red SpecV SE-R w/ Kumho V710′s… and he was one of the slow G-Stock cars, good lord. Later, in impound, he and another guy noted that I probably belong in H-Stock (slightly better – i.e. I won’t be 2nd to last, but maybe 3rd to last, haha). Turns out, yup, I’m in H Stock, o well.

What a real G-Stock Sentra looks like - Dennis' SpecV SE-R running Kumho V710's.

- From what I remember, the Mini’s were leading the pack w/ 47′s -> 48′s. Dennis got into the 48 range by our 2nd set of runs for the day. I got into the high 54/low 55 range. There was an Acura RSX earlier in the day running a 65 (yay, I beat someone in my class), but he left early. One of the course workers noted the smell of a clutch going out as the RSX passed by on course. My reaction times were not great, but not bad, and at the very least pretty consistent. I was able to keep it at high .6xx -> low .7xx. It seems H-Stock guys were running in the 47-52 range… not much of a difference, haha. Preliminary results here for those who are interested:

- Man it goes by quick -> line up one side, stage, run, then line up other side, stage, run (with a few cars in between)… then rinse & repeat & head to impound for inspection – this is usually for competitors who may want to look @ the other cars to make sure they are w/in spec, & this is how I found out I should be running H-Stock, haha.

- 1 set of runs in the morning (was in the 56-57 range), and 1 set in the afternoon.

- One more day left tomorrow for a final set of runs, then I’m back home for a ceremony thingy.

- Overall, AWESOME LEARNING EXPERIENCE! Everyone was very nice & helpful – no reason to not help the guy about 8-10 seconds slower than you, hee hee. This is way more intense than an autocross practice, and during your heat, even crazier than local championships.

A couple pictures from today as well as videos (click on link for album – first run on the right side has a nice 180 spin half way through, hee hee):



  1. James Wilson from posted his fastest runs in H Stock:

    “H-Stock Subaru Impreza L, Hankook Z214 tires. No printouts = no results on hand, but the left course was a high 47 and the right was a 48.0

    Right Course, Saturday PM–

    Left Course, Saturday PM —


  2. Reijo Silvennoinen from posted his photos from the ProSolo:

    Also a quick update –

    Sunday morning: did better by about half a second on the left course (I think left course, haha). Didn’t improve much on other course.

    H Stock guys got down to 46′s. G Stock guys did also. Major QV ass whoopin’.

  3. And more videos from the faster guys on

    Jason Rhoades:
    “Here’s a Saturday morning blooper run – front tires still had a bunch of crap on ‘em from San Diego, amongst other excuses:

    This was a super-conservative run from Sunday morning, where I still managed to hit a cone:

    Max Hayter:
    “Here are my Saturday PM runs. Not as fast as Sunday and a big mistake at the finish on the 2nd left run, but you get the general idea! My Sunday video runs do not have sound due to a cock up on my part!

    Jason Uyeda:
    “Not the greatest driving, but probably about my fastest runs on each side.

  4. Mako Koiwai also took a few pictures @ the ProSolo:—auto-cross/prosolo-el-toro/

  5. Some really nice photos from Bryan Heitkotter @

    And Jason Rhoades first run Saturday morning:
    “Just for you Leslie:

    This was my very first run on Saturday, a real mess. Always fun though. :-)

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