Update on Candy – Primered & Almost Ready!!!

I dropped by Riteway in Fountain Valley, CA to talk with Jesse about the 240sx convertible today during my lunch period. She’s got primered & basically just waiting on the super special secret paint to come in (new ’08 color) to be mixed & sprayed.

Good thing I rolled by because there was a bit of miscommunication between us when I was going over the parts I want painted. I had given Jesse a sheet with a picture of a 240sx hatchback, which was orange w/ a black hood. They had thought I wanted my hood black, so painted it that color. OH NOES!

Primered - Candy 03

Also, they didn’t prep the bumpers as much since they figured I was going to use the aftermarket body kit I brought in for paint as well. I had to explain that I was going to be using both (stock bumpers being backups or vice versa).

However, Jesse & Max were both extremely understanding and patient; they will be making sure the hood gets redone & the bumpers reprepped. I feel kind of bad since they did a really nice job on the hood – looks very smooth and nicely done.

Primered - Candy 01

They also found the PERFECT orange for Candy. Hopefully it will turn out as good as the swatch sample. Estimated finish time is late next week. It is taking a week or two longer than expected, but it is understandable since there were a couple mix-ups and they are waiting on the paint supplier to bring in the new orange.

Primered - Candy 02
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