DIY: How to install a 350z Nismo Exhaust

I know, it’s fairly simple, but I figured I’d do a “write-up” anyway. We just finished installing Chris’ exhaust on his 350z, he loves it! His personal review is basically @ idle, it is much quieter, but once you get on the throttle, there is a much more deep and “racey” sound to it.

Total Install Time: 2.5 hours (being very relaxed & taking our sweet ass time). This install should be doable in 30 minutes – 1 hour for those who are motivated.

Nismo Exhaust Muffler Section
QV: “Hey Chris, I think I can fit your muffler on my 240.”

Equipment Required/Recommended:
- Nismo (or whatever you bought) exhaust
- Replacement exhaust gaskets (2 for cat, 1 for mid-pipe, and 1 ring gasket for mid-pipe to muffler) & bolts or a Nismo exhaust gasket kit
- Jack
- Jack Stands
- PB Blaster (especially handy for the exhaust hanger bushings
- Metric socket & wrench assortment (mostly 10, 12, & 14mm)
- Long screwdriver or something to help pry the hanger bushings
- Breaker bar to make removing old nuts easier
- Possibly a Ford Wrench… just in case something gets stuck
- Metal/Aluminum polish if you wish to make things shiny
- Pimp Khakis & a Dress shirt because 350z guys work on their cars in style (optional)

Step 1 – Prep
- Put the car on jack stands. Chris used the front jacking point & the rear diff to raise the car. He also chose to use the jack points (the spare tire jack ones I believe) for the jack stand support area.
- PB Blast the nuts/bolts if you wish. PB Blast the exhaust hanger bushings to make removal easier. Nothing like a lil lube to make it slide in & out quickly.

Step 1 - Rear Jacking Point
Jacking up the rear via the differential.
Step 1 - Jack Stands 01
Jack stands in place.
Step 1 - Jack Stands 02
One more view of jack stands because… why not.

Don't Forget the PB Blaster
Don’t forget the PB Blaster.

Step 2 – Remove the old exhaust.

This step is fairly straight forward:
- 2 nuts for each cat to y-pipe connection
- 2 nuts for the y-pipe to mid pipe connection
- 3 nuts for the mid-pipe to muffler connection (one side is double nutted for the ground wire connected to the exhaust)
- 1 bolt for the rear exhaust hanger bushing

The toughest part here was getting the muffler off the exhaust hanger bushings. With 2 people (or 1 person and a jack), pry away @ the bushing against the muffler pipe after spraying it down with some PB Blaster.

Also, be careful w/ stripping nuts – I would highly recommend using 6-pt sockets/wrenches.

Step 2 - Removing Exhaust
Removing the bolts from the y-pipe
Step 2 - Old Mid-Pipe
Mid-pipe removed
Step 2 - Removing Muffler
Fondling – err, I mean, removing – the muffler
Step 3 – Install the new exhaust

Reverse of removal. I would recommend PB Blasting the exhaust hangers a little more if you haven’t already, makes install that much easier. The Nismo exhaust comes with a separate grounding point on the muffler that uses a 10mm bolt & nut, very spiffy.

Step 3 - Install - Driver Side Hanger & Exhaust Ground
Driver side muffler – notice the new grounding point for the exhaust ground wire
Step 3 - Install - Passenger Side Hanger
Passenger side exhaust hanger – this one was a PITA to get out at first
Step 3 - Install - Rear Passenger Hanger w/ Bolt
Passenger rear exhaust hanger – we found it easier to remove the bolt holding it in rather than trying to slip the muffler out of the hanger
Step 3 - Install - Finishing up Y-Pipe
Bolting the y-pipe back up

Everything Bolted Up
View of Nismo mid-pipe & y-pipe – sexxxy

Step 4 – Clean Up

- Polish/clean up the exhaust if you wish
- Lower car
- Put away tools
- Start car up and pat yourself on the back for a job well done

Step 4 - Clean Up Polish
Crazy Eyes Chris says “This is the best polish evars!”
“Damn QV left finger prints all over my muffler.” *polish polish polish*

We even made a video – the video actually sounds quite louder than what the Nismo exhaust sounds like in person, haha – it’s quieter than stock @ idle.

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  1. thanx for the tip chris…I have one question at your convenience. installing a bolt-on cat-back greddy the same way? is it easy or should I take it to a shop? 2008 350z

    thank you francis

  2. Hi Francis,
    Installing any catback the same way. If you have basic tools (i.e jacks, jackstands, etc) & help from a friend who is more knowledgable, I would say go for it.

    Otherwise, take it to a shop.

    Overall, it’s one of the easiest modifications you can do on your car (will need help of one person at least for muffler removal/installing).

  3. silvia lopez

    chris your eyes are so sexy.

  4. I concur, chris, please keep them open like that next time!

  5. Crazy Eyes Chris is right, Nevr-Dull is the bee’s knees.

  6. When removing the rear mufler I found it easier to remove the 2 trim pices on the rear bumper 3 bolts each and then undo the bracket with the rubber hangers on. The rubber hangers come off easy when you have them off the car. Did it by my self no problems, getting the bushings off on the car looked too hard.

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