Iron Man wants a Cheeseburger – Ankur is on it!

Best robot this month… or EVERS! Iron Man! I’ve been meaning to compose this image since Ankur & I went to watch Iron Man opening night – “I want a cheeseburger” – OH NOES! Can Robert Downey Jr. haz cheeseburger?

The movie, despite not having enough action (I thought there was enough; crazy dramatic fight sequences involving thousands of CGI people are overdone, imho), Iron Man is the best super hero movie so far.

I really can’t believe I haven’t seen more of these photoshops – loldowney anyone?

Iron Man wants a Cheeseburger - Ankur is on it!

Yes, Tony Stark, you can haz as many cheeseburgers as you desire. Quoc-Viet approved!

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  1. Just because i’m white………..I get it!

  2. The Burger King man scares me…kind of like Ankur when he lets out a high pitched scream as a tissue box is thrown at his head.

  3. That was only because i got attacked! QV makes that sounds when you rub his tummy.

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