Apparently, Touge Miata’s are now anti-yuppie

Miata\'s arent chick cars naymore

We all saw it coming. After AE86 Corollas saw price increases of $500 to thousands of dollars, the touge/canyon racer crowd saw the potentials in Miatas aka the MX-5. A couple months later, we saw fat fendered Miatas running around California with 0 offset sportmax wheels, and a new early 90s civic was born!

But a Miata as a testament of your own rebellion against society? Really man? Come on. I heart miatas too, you can’t have more fun with 1500 bucks, RWD and a vert. But we all know how the rest of the world sees em. Remember that.

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  1. FIRST! :P

  2. you = retarded

  3. uhm…. thats my car ???? the die yuppie scum is a sticker on the vw in the movie 3 ninjas the vw the kidnappers drove. i like the sticker since where i live there are alot of rich snobbby white ppl and i hate them .

  4. ROFL, neat! Ankur found a VRT member? I don’t know any of the vrt’s guys personally, but met a couple once – you guys are rampant on Zilvia (Ankur, guy who took the pic & wrote the post doesn’t visit the forums I’m on). Small world.

  5. haha, thats true, im not on the same forums as Quoc viet, only the popular ones!

    Which movie did the sticker appear in? But I know what you are saying, about rich snobby white people! :)

  6. wait do you mean quoc from drift speed ? cuz if it is then i have your wing from his pink s13 lol, and yea its from the first movie

  7. Nope, totally different Quoc – I’ve met him too though, haha.

    Ankur, he already told you the movie: 3 Ninjas.

  8. what the qwan?? that miata is real legit i even drove it
    comn man for narnia

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