Toffuiti; the Civic Hybrid takes a trip.

The trip started in San Gabriel Valley, up to San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay. Spent the night in Morro Bay, and visited the Top Dog Cafe. Cool place with LOTS of dogs everywhere. Dont these people have jobs, its a Wed!

Top Dog Cafe

After, we hit up the 1 HWY going north. Our ultimate goal was to pass Monterey, and then catch the 101, up to Palo Alto

Hybrid Civic at Top Dog

Toffuiti @ morro bay

Toffuiti in morro bay
The awesome CA coast

Stopped in Big Sur for Cheese Fries, Coffee, and the View. Thank god my car didnt need gas there!

Cheese fries
Gas prices Big Sur
Toffuiti and coast

Toffuiti hanging with a 2nd gen civic hybrid. (they are discussing how terrible this road is for their MPG’s)

civic hybrids chillin
hybrid and slope

And of course, the final MPG’s of the Trip. Not shabby eh?

50.7 MPG
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  1. Wow, you got 50.7mpg!?! You just beat a Prius, maybe? haha. neato completo.

    *p.s. I fixed your image alignment and it’s Big Sur, not Big Sir – that’s me :P

  2. Thats going mostly 75 down south, with AC on and off!

    Of course, I tried to draft once in a while!

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