Coolest Motorcycle Helmet EVER!

A few weeks back, I was cruising down the OC and saw 2 motorcylce police officers at a stop light. The one on the right flips up his visor & chin guard to talk. I’m like WOWZERS, movable chin guard, GENIUS!!!

For those of you wondering, “Why is this so cool?” You’ll understand once you spend a day in Summer autocross.

Open faced helmets are great for ventilation & being able to drink/eat w/o removing your helmet but don’t feel as safe as the full faced counterparts, especially in a convertible. Closed faced helmets have the exact opposite problem.

Enter SHOEI!

After some googling, I found that the helmets the police officers have is the Shoei Syncrotec; officer helmets come w/ added embedded led flashlight, WOOT!

Here’s a pic from Web Bike World so you can see how cool it is:



Neat huh? These run about $325-$400 new; too bad they are DOT approved only and not Snell & SA rated :( . Could have made for a VERY neat autox/track day helmet.

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  1. Dude, just rock the open face faux speedracer deal.

    Its fine!

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