2008 Tour – Doping attacks again.

Manuel Beltrán, who rides for the Liquigas team of Italy and who is a former teammate of Lance Armstrong’s on the Discovery Channel team, tested positive for EPO after the first stage of the race. Beltrán was withdrawn under the terms of a contract that all of the teams signed with the Tour organizer.


If your a noob to the previous doping scandals throughout the years, this is a great history.


After 2006′s Tour de France winner Floyd Landis’ was proven by a french lab for mass amounts of testerone, put a bad vibe on the tour. However, we all thought as cycling enthusiasts that 2008 would be different. No one could be stupid enough to try taking EPO in 08, and not be caught, right? Nope. Manuel Beltran figured, hey I might as well try to get the edge and dope!

As of right now, hes been kicked out, and is under investigation from the French Police. He may screw over his entire team – Liquigas – and they may go home as well.

Manuel Beltran.  you suck.

What happened to just blood, sweat and tears? I’m sure Lance has his head in his hands, and wishes that if he was still racing, he could bring up the enthusiasm to what it once was. I hate waking up at 5 am and hearing the pre race repeat “doping doping doping.”
You Suck Manuel Beltran. I hope your career is finished, and your reduced to selling rusty old bridgestone bikes with their original tires.

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