Bar’s Leaks Main Seal repair, bandaid or long term?

My pops 99 RX300 with about 90k miles had a slight leak, and under the car I saw

RX300 Rear Main Seal Leak

Damn, that’s a seal. Coworkers informed me it was the rear main seal – and the Tranny needed to be dropped to get to it.

I google’d Rear main seal and found – Bar’s Leaks Main Seal Repair. Poured it into the crankcase, and put a lil extra 5w30 to replace the dripped oil, and now is the waiting game.

Bar\'s Main Rear Seal Repair

1 week later, there has been no new drips. I will update this month when I change the oil. As of right now, it looks like we saved 1,400 bucks! Of course, god knows what this stuff will to do the other seals, but hey thats for another day.



  1. Heres a gangsta RX –

    hmmmmm QV you likes?

  2. First of all, yes I likes – I saw those pics a looonnngggg time ago, buddy.

    Second of all, you had no clue it was a seal of any kind buddy – per your email a couple weeks ago:

    “Hey guys, my papa’s RX300 – has a leak.

    Its not coming from the oilpan (oil pan is second pic) – I dont
    *believe* the car has a Diff (its does peg leg burnouts when you gas
    it aroudn turns)

    torque converter? i have noooo idea. but its def engine oil leaking!”

    I already told you it’s either the oil pan or the rear main seal, you didn’t need to ask your coworkers – though it was neat that you found a bandaid; guess we won’t be autocrossing the RX any time soon (not that we are allowed to in the first place).

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