DIY: 240z Fuel Spill Splash Guard Protector Thing Retrofit into 240sx

Kinda-useful kinda-sorta write up here.

A couple months back, I was checking out my uncle’s 240z & noticed a couple really neat things:

1) There is an engine bay “portable” light – super neat! More on that another time.

2) There is an oem fuel splash protector – keeps gas from hitting your paint when fueling!!!

I found a new one made by one of the 240z shops on eBay. Of course, you can probably just buy some rubber piece from home depot, like the ones people make front lips out of, but it was pretty cheap, so I said why not.

After it came in, I tried to install it the same way that it sat on a 240z; however the 240sx fuel sender unit is much smaller, so everything gets really cramped.

I decided to trim the rubber fuel protection thingy & fit it again. I trimmed a little too much – it will fit in but won’t stay connected since I took too much off the top. I was still able to wedge it in between the fuel sender unit & the chassis, so it worked out in the end.

Total project time: about 3-5 minutes

Equipment required:
- Scissors
- Rubber material or a 240z fuel splash guard (or whatever it is really called)

240z fuel spill protector

Step 1:
- Trim the splash guard

fuel spill protector trimmed

Step 2:
- Fit the piece – if you trimmed too much like I did (or just got a rectangular piece), you can wedge it between the fuel sender grommet & the chassis.

fuel door closed

fuel spill protection deployed

fuel door opened

Great thing is, it actually works pretty decent! Normally I don’t spill any fuel at all: I give the fuel pump the “two shakes” and all is normally good. Yesterday, I went to fuel up & 2-3 drops escaped the fuel sender & landed smack dab onto the splash guard instead of my nice paint, YAY!

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  1. Great idea! Should sell em on Fr Sport !!!

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