SCCA Autocross – Night of the Living Dead

Each year, SCCA/CSCC hosts a nighttime autocross. Here is a video of my 3rd of 4 runs (39.381 – personal fastest was 39.111 but that one stopped recording before I took off the line). I’m a good 6 seconds slower than competitors in my class, yikes.

Jon was able to make it out with a GTR (sorry, no pics of that, forgot to bring a camera)!!! Since that car was so new, there was no class for it, so he ended up running in my class (CSM – no holds bar California Street Modified). He did very well, running a clean 33.833 – which is good enough for 1st place in CSM, but he was put in the novice class & got 2nd because of the indexing vs another NOV in STS. Yours truly got 4th… out of 4 people, hahaha.

This time around, the stock exhaust is back on (didn’t feel slower, mostly quieter) & the timing was retarded a bit (was way too advanced causing some knock & bad gas mileage).

Despite the low number of runs because it’s a championship as opposed to practice, I’m really glad I came out. It was a great experience, and I’m definitely attending this again next year.

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  1. Great news! Results have been audited & corrected – Jon is now back in CSM where he originally signed up -> 1st place!

    That also means I’m now 5th of 5th, haha.

    For full results, check out, then click on Past Events & Results

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