Silly Rabbit, Car Shows are for Kids!

Chris found this video somehow… really bored @ work, Chris?

Best Japanese Sesame Street Racing EVAR!!!

o yea, I also went autoxing this weekend.

This is a video of my 9th run (8th of me driving) from the Sunday Practice for the people who worked the Z event on Saturday. I was trying to implement a few tips from Leonard Cachola (our region’s Novice Coordinator) – of course, I don’t know what I was thinking, but I spun/lost control of the car BEFORE the sweeper, haha.

Super great course design by Ian Stewart with tweaks from Mike Simanyi. We had a total of 10 runs, of which I plowed/oversteered/drifted/messed up a good 6-7 runs, haha. Subtle line differences (view my run 10, which still had plenty of mistakes, but was .4 seconds faster than this one) made or break your setup for the next section(s).

I need another crack at this course layout! About the car: ’92 240sx Convertible, Automatic KA24DET T3/T4 @ 7psi, street tuned by Lien at

And here is my final run (74.78x):

Here is my first run of the day (75.19x):

Finally, I tested my new Creative Vado HD recorder w/ Chase Cam mount:

Overall, the quality is definitely better, however, it’s more choppy than my in-car setup.


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