Will Ankur Fit? Memorial Day Edition: “Ankur in a Box”

Almost as good a present as something else in a box…

Late last month:

Ankur: i was able to fit into a standard staples box
i won a mocha ice blended!
man, i need to grow up
karen took pics
(from work)(

me: whoa
that thing is small
good job
i want pics
for will ankur fit

The next day:

i had a bet

i couldt fit in a box

so i could have someone else do a bunch of my work.

and…….this happens

Ankur fits in a box, lolAnkur!

The Google Chat following the email:

me: lol was the box ripped b4 u tried to fit in? fatty!

Ankur: no, right before
they took that pic
coworker sat on me
so the box ripped
i did it with box intact

me: lol

Ankur: still
im the guy know
who fits in boxes
damn it

me: did u get someone to do a lot of work fior u?

Ankur: i did it to GET OUTTA MORE PSHOP workj
well, a lil

And that concludes our latest adventure in “Will Ankur Fit?” Thank you and good night ;)

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  1. Sadness. One day I shall break these stereotypes!

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