Prepping for 39th Lone Pine Time Trials and Beyond…

The upcoming Lone Pine Time Trials (May 30-31, 2009) this year is a little special because this event will also be known as the 1st Craig Angel Memorial Time Trials, in honor of Craig, who has run this event for the past 20+ years and passed away last year. I’m making a small batch of decals to hand out to the attendees.

Lone Pine Time Trials Decal

This year will also be the first year the Lone Pine event is an SCCA sanctioned event, which means more rules. Latest news is that we may not even be classified as a time trial anymore & be demoted into an autocross –> slower speeds, BOO. We’ll see how it all pans out.

In the mean time, I was able to put in my new secret weapon during the Memorial Day weekend:

S15 Helical LSD (HLSD) in 240sx S14 pumpkin

I spy with my little eye… an S15 Helical Limited Slip Differential (HLSD) in an S14 pumpkin (keeps stock 4.083 final gear ratio).

WOO WOO! Picked this little beauty up on Saturday from a local forum member who “upgraded” to a welded diff for drifting. Cleaned her up a bit, put in some KAAZ Limited Slip Differential Gear Oil from FRSport along with a new gasket & moved over my S13 rear differential cover.

Of course, the FRSport guys let me know AFTER I install all this that I could have bought some DiF Solid Differential Bushings for the S14 pumpkin I had (I think these bushings should work for the J30 as well, since both front bushings looked the same to me when I sat the diff’s side-by-side). Donny also reminded me that the S13 super crazy rear differential cover that I wanted 2 years ago actually came in some time ago. If that’s true, I’m gonna have to work on the diff again, OH NOES! Of course, I’m just gonna hoard the parts and wait another year or two, haha.

Overall project took half of the day Saturday; it would have been quicker, but the differential is difficult to install with just one person & a jack (and the time it took to drain the old fluid from both differentials to swap diff covers). I used almost all of the KAAZ fluid to fill it up to the fill hole – filling up with diff fluid is significantly easier with the diff off the car, by the way.

This should be a great improvement over the Infiniti J30 VLSD I had in there before because (1) it’s a helical and (2) I’ll be back to stock final gear ratio (4.083 instead of the 3.9xx of the J30 diff) again, which should give me better acceleration.

As expected, the HLSD is quiet as a mofo (woo hoo oem Nissan equipment & helical power) and acceleration has improved (I swear I can feel that 4%… no, seriously). I’ll get to really test it out at Lone Pine this weekend.

Other than that, I also installed a rebuilt starter I got from one of the FRSport guys who was going to put it in their race car – my car has part FRSport race car in it now, YAY! I also finally got my sister’s Sentra an oem replacement battery & moved the Optima Red Top back into my car since the Fusion battery finally took a crap after several years & too many battery drains.

The rear view mirror’s been repaired… again… and a few pieces of new safety equipment came in recently. Hopefully, it all goes well.

My stock 240sx convertible daily driver (or “white trash” as Donny from FRSport dubs it), also got a little attention. I replaced her gross gross carpet w/ 89-90 Zenki carpet, which is in much better condition. I’ve also recently swapped out the hammered Georgia weather-beaten steering wheel for another stock one from I got from a Canadian forum member. Little touches here & there, but trying to keep her stock. Lord knows I don’t need another project car.

I’m going to “try” to get my new beefy fender braces on before the weekend, but we will see if I actually accomplish that.

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