Finally removed broken 240sx fuel tank baffle!

What a day! After 3 months, I’ve finally removed the broken fuel tank baffle in my 240sx convertible, lol. This is a common problem that eventually happens to every 240sx owner sooner or later (similar to the “rubber gummy bear” brake pedal switch problem).

The baffle design is very nice looking, but unfortunately, it’s only attached to the fuel tank with a few spot welds & a plastic clip. Only the plastic clip was still attached when removing it.

Thanks to some tips from the guys at FRSport, I was prepared to remove the baffle – it is irregularly shaped, so you have to do some twisting, bending, and rotating to get it out of the fuel pump slot.

No more metal sliding/rolling noises! YAY!

240sx Fuel Tank Baffle

240sx Fuel Tank Baffle


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