2010 – San Diego Solo, Here I come!

It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve updated this. I’ve still been regularly competing, but I just haven’t taken too many photos or videos lately.

In any case, looks like the orange 240sx convertible will be down for a couple months or so while I sort out all the problems and/or upgrades I’ve been planning for over half a year. In the mean time, I will probably be competing in the daily driver now that I have decent tires on it for the LA region.

Some of you may remember that I competed in SCNAX cup & got to drive a miata, mini cooper, and austin healey sprite. Don, the owner of the sprite, offered me an opportunity to co-drive the sprite with him in San Diego region this year! Driving a competitive and super fun car with 2009′s LA regional champion for CPM (Combined Prep/Mod), how can I refuse!

I expect that I will be learning A LOT about cars and so much more through out the year – I have learned quite a bit from Don already.

QV in Red Sprite @ SD Solo

That picture was taken at this past weekend’s SD event. I accidently snapped a picture instead of recording a video w/ Don’s Hero HD, LOL!

Don had some time to edit and upload one of the videos:

Thanks for everything Don!

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