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First SDR SCCA Autocross Championship of 2011

Picked up my 2010 P2 SD Regional Champ jacket today, WOO WOO. Picture coming soon, hee hee.

1st SDR SCCA event of 2011 @ Qualcomm Stadium. Weather was cold all day. We ran Heat 4. Fastest run shown here. Datalogger showed that we were peaking around 1.3 G’s (lower than we should be) & only 56-58 mph on the straights.

Without the rear sway bar, we push A LOT, especially w/ this more transition heavy course & the off camber turns compared to the AAA event a couple weeks ago. Some tweaking needs to be done, but I am still far away from the full capability of this car as is.

Run was still good; we are on our way. Placed 1st of 4 entrants in the class.

EDIT: updated video to have data overlay, WOO WOO. looks like it works pretty decent: