SCCA Autocross CSCC – Welded Differential in G Prepared (GP) Austin Healey Sprite for GRIP… WTF?!? ;)

As noted from the last event post, we had some issues last weekend w/ the spoiler + quaiffe…

We found a few issues while taking the car apart, as well:
- hardened axles were still not strong enough, slightly bent, but was okay – replaced for this event.
- rear wheel hubs were binding on brake caliper brackets pretty badly – spacers have been installed.

Other changes since past event: changed Quaiffe to welded, taller gears (can run course in 2nd gear instead of 3rd), and increased rebound to deal w/ corner entry push. We also finally bled the rear wilwood brakes correctly (outside AND inside bleeding screw).

Austin is now significantly more predictable with the welded rear-end compared to when she had the Quaiffe. It is also MUCH better than the last time we tried welded since we have now fixed more of the suspension problems.

This event was meant mainly for testing steady state turns & transitions, etc. It’s better; whether we’re actually faster remains to be seen.

Note there is some data drop out, so the speed/g’s for the very slow back corner is obviously off.

We had a lot of help & input from Jon, who drives an ST Civic in the region. Here’s Jon’s run earlier in the morning after diagnosing the corner entry push introduced by the welded rear-end:

He was faster in the wet than I was in the dry, and only after driving the car a few times, each time w/ different settings!

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