2012 – Here We Go!

It’s been a while since the last update, but I’ll try to keep the log up-to-date as much as possible. Posting on facebook is just so much easier, haha.

Anyway, I am continuing my co-drive of the Austin Healey Sprite in GP (CPM locally) with Don for 2012. Kandi 2.0 is still under construction – I haven’t touched the 240sx at all since the engine swap last Summer.

The Sprite, on the other hand, has had its fair share of breakdowns and problems recently. However, most of it is sorted out and we are faster than ever (in raw time). Our PAX handicap has suffered due to 2011 Nationals GP performance.

During the practice, I got to try out our brand new Hoosier Wets: AMAZING!!! We were ridiculously fast in the rain. However, as it dried up, we changed back to the regular dry slicks. The whether was a bit too cold & still wet enough (but too dry for the rain Hoosiers) that we could not build up enough heat in the tires; still a fun day overall. It was unfortunate we forgot to record the wet runs – they were interesting, to say the least.

Here’s a beautiful picture Mako took of me running once it stopped raining:

For the championship, I managed to come in 4th for the 1st event of January. Not as fast as I needed to go, but overall we did very well considering our raw time. We feel the car is fully capable of topping our local Combined Prep and Mod class, but I’ll need to pick up the slack & drive better by quite a bit to top the C Modified vehicles. In any case, we are definitely on the way to trophying this year at Nationals.

My 2nd fastest run on Sunday (fastest one wasn’t recorded :( ):

Don’s fastest run on Sunday:

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