Austin Healey Sprite goes RAWR – February Autocross Results…

Don’s been hard @ work getting the little sprite ready for G Prepared for this year’s Nationals. We’re still quite a ways off, but we are SIGNIFICANTLY faster than we have been in the last couple of years – both car & drivers.

Behold, our new aerodynamic, lighter, and color-coordinated roll bar!

Austin Healey Sprite Roll Bar

This weekend was fun, despite me killing a practice tire on Saturday because I didn’t check tire pressures after my first run. We were too distracted & had a lot of things going on. I need to start making a checklist or something. We have pretty awesome grip at AAA Speedway now, even on our practice tires.

By the end of Saturday, we did very well, running a 49.5 on the course, which was approximately where we were suppose to be in relation to other drivers.

We ran 3rd heat on Sunday, just after lunch. The weather was nice, and we had a chance to heat up tires. We both got re-runs from downed cones. My fastest run ended up being my 2nd run, which I knew I left A LOT of time out there. I pushed it too hard to my 3rd run & overshot all the important corners, slowing down by .5 seconds.

For my last run, I decided to “go for the gold.” I visualized the course & knew where I needed to slow down a bit more & where I needed to really just hold on for dear life.

Everything was great, I hit the apexes just about where I wanted, then tried to go not so slow in the slow corner and spun like top :( . After that, I was trying to get back on it & finish the toasted lap. I couldn’t find 3rd and went into 1st! I don’t know if I destroyed the transmission or the clutch, but I hope it isn’t anything too huge. I should have just relaxed and kept it in 2nd for the rest of the run, which was done for anyway.

My run of 44.282 was only good enough for 5th place in a class of 11 in Combined Prep Mod. I was the fastest of the Prepared cars but lost to most of the C Modified and Kart Modified drivers. Another .5 seconds and I could have been 2nd. 1st place will take a while.

Looking @ the data, my 4th run was much better (pulling 1.3-1.5 g’s in corners vs 1.0-1.2) all the way up until I blew the lap. So close! Gotta fix the car, regroup, and come back stronger for the next event at El Toro!

Fastest run from Saturday (49.562):

Fastest run on Sunday (44.282):

“No guts, no glory” run on Sunday (DNF):

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