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What the Flock?

Credit for this fun activity goes to “opticnerv” on for his HOW TO: Flock Dashboard give it the suede look article.

I bought the materials from DonJer’s Flocking Supplies, as noted in the article. However, I opted for the spray gun (saves a lot of time) & got orange flocking fibers and undercoat. DonJer’s site also has very nice write-ups and tips on flocking, so I will just list a quick overview & some results.

I decided to start with a test run of the orange flock fibers on my radio bezel/shifter trim.

Flocking Materials

0) Get material & area ready (the undercoat is kinda stinky, so work in a ventilated area)
1) Sand and clean part to be flocked
2) Apply undercoat
3) Spray on flocking material
4) Let sit for at least 15 hours or so
5) Shake, pat, brush excess material off

240sx radio trim bezel before flocking

The Result:
Super smooth funky suede style interior. This shit feels REALLY soft and nice!

240sx radio trim bezel after flocking

I wasn’t super careful with the amount of undercoat I applied (needed to apply more), but it still turned out good overall for a first piece. I’m starting to get the hang of it now. Hopefully the dashboard & center console will be done within the next couple of weeks!

240sx radio trim bezel flocking close-up

240sx radio trim bezel flocking close-up

240sx radio trim bezel flocking close-up