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GReddy Festival ’08 – Autocross

So this past weekend, I attended the 2008 GReddy Performance Festival (Sale, Drift, Autocross). I didn’t check out the sale but participated in the autocross. Lots of NOOBS! There were a few SCCA guys there, who obviously kicked my ass, haha. However, I beat almost all of the newbies, WOO HOO!

I arrived at approximately 7:00am (15 minutes ahead of schedule) to wait near the front of the line for over 1.5 hours while the workers/organizers just said “are you racing? okay, hold on a minute.” There was a ridiculous amount of confusion from the workers – they spent half their time reordering cars, changing the lines, lining up car forum people (the line of 40 or so s2000′s *cough* non-paying *cough* which arrived significantly after I did but got in while I was waiting for god knows what near the front of the line comes to mind). I can totally understand that they may have been understaffed & everyone showed up at the same time… but they knew who is paying to be there & who were there for basically a meet (sure, there’s a sale where these guys “may” buy some stuff, but there are also people who have already paid to be there for a driving event).

The funniest thing must have been a driver who showed up in a bright red Yaris Read the rest of this entry »