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Wakethefuckup coffee review

For those who know me (and for those who dont) -i’m a huge coffee person.

And sometimes i’m not. This morning I woke up, and had a can of Pokka coffee (I swear) and was happy until I got to work at the early time of 9:30. (Wiki of Japanese canned Coffee)

However, my new french press (I only roll Bodiums, what!) was looking for something new.

My buddy Shelly C – (A active Yelper too! ) thoughtfully bought me this from a store in Pheonix, Arizona.

Momma Vakil (my mom) saw the bag around her house, and thought (“you kids buy the dumbest things!”) and immediately freaked out about the price of 14.99. (Of course, the huge “Fuck” via branding on the package did not help either.
Two thumbs down!

Momma Vakil hates it!

Coffee made in French Press;

In Bodium- French Press

*caffeine – Lots of it, gave me a nice Coffee buzz

*Nice color (looked darker than the pictures)

*aroma – great aroma, however, had a slight burnt smell. Anyone else?

Overall, for a non-chain coffee, many of you know, you may get a bag of nasty tasty coffee once in a while. However, (if this is any indicator) – the coffee tasted fresh, as if it was only a month old.

Two thumbs up!