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“How sweet it is…” – SCCA Tirerack So Pac Divisional @ El Toro – June 24, 2011 – June 26, 2011

The Austin Healey reigns supreme! Well, of course there were only 2 cars & 3 drivers in our class, but the other Fiat Spyder has been coming along nicely as well, driven by John Edwards & built by Craig Way.

I won my first divisional this weekend, yay!

Car hasn’t changed much for the past few events; still learning the limits of the car.

In this particular Saturday run, I was trying to beat my 94.7xx; I tried a little too hard & ended up correcting a lot of little mistakes from overdriving certain sections. I still got faster (enough to be ahead of the competition), but not fast enough personally.

This run on Sunday felt fantastic. Definitely leaving plenty of time out on course, but that will change with more seat time & confidence in the car. This Austin Healey Sprite is coming along nicely; hopefully, I can make the driver faster in time for Nationals…