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DIY / How to: 240sx Rear Bumper Exhaust Heat Shield Install

Another fairly straight forward write up, but I figured at least one person may be interested in it (I was looking for one to no avail these past couple of months). This is a rear bumper exhaust heat shield install onto an aftermarket 240sx coupe rear bumper, but should be applicable to fastbacks, s14′s, oem/aftermarket, and other cars.

The motivation for creating this heat shield came from my exhaust warping the stock rear bumper – and melting/bubbling the paint on my aftermarket rear bumper. This was mostly due to the overly rich tune from the ecu install, but it was easier for me to temporarily install a heat shield, which may be useful later as well, than to tap the downpipe & tune everything now.

I bought a sheet of aluminum (.090″ x 12″ x 24″) for just under $20 delivered via eBay. I got this thickness because I read about how some were too thin – this may actually be a little too thick for some applications, but worked fine for me. I held it down via 5/32″ long aluminum rivets & 1/8″ medium & short aluminum rivets (you may also get away w/ medium, and possibly short, 5/32″ aluminum rivets).

Total Project Time:
This took me about 2 hours taking my sweet ass time with the hand / hack saw & 30 minutes of which was spent going to Home Depot to pick up rivets since I forgot where I put my other pack of rivets from way back when.

- Dremel, jigsaw, hack saw, or any other cutting tool you prefer
- Drill w/ 5/32″ & 1/8″ bits, or whatever size rivets you want to use
- Rivets & riveting tool
- Cardboard/paper for creating a template
- Aluminum sheet (again, mine was .090″ x 12″ x 24″)
- Dry erase marker or something to trace the template onto the aluminum
- Optional: I also used a section of aluminum heat shield barrier with adhesive (used for protecting areas in the engine bay from turbo installs)

00 - Tools 2

Step 1:
I found it much easier to remove the rear bumper than to work with it on the car.

01 - Bumper
Failed attempt of using purely aluminum heat barrier with adhesive (ripped off @ Horse Thief Mile & took some paint with it).

Step 2:
Create a basic template of what you want your shield to look like with cardboard or paper.

02 - Stencil

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