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WHOA SOLO! SCCA Pro Solo @ El Toro, CA – April 9, 2011 – April 10, 2011

Austin was down for maintenance. Kandi was not running. Pro Solo was coming up. However, I volunteered to be one of the Chiefs of Course for the Pro Solo, so I wanted to come by to make sure everything was cool.

For those of you unfamiliar w/ Pro Solo, it’s basically autocross on steroids – mirrored courses w/ a drag tree start where you launch against a competitor: EXCITING! For more information, you can check out and

Luckily for me, Stanley’s regular co-driver, Joe, was out of town. He offered me a co-drive in his SSM Miata. 275 wide Hoosier A6′s all around & 180-200ish whp (since cylinder 2 was low & boost was turned down to 15 psi, haha); “slow” as Stanley puts it. How could I refuse?

I had an absolute blast, despite stalling the poor Miata all around paddock on Friday getting used to the competition clutch. I didn’t stall off the line during my runs, but I didn’t launch very well either; everywhere from the high .6xx to 1+ second range (.500 is the perfect reaction time). The car is a MONSTER. I was having a tough time all weekend since the course was coming up so much faster than I’m used to. I still had a blast & came in 7th out of 11 while Stanley came in 5th w/ about 1 second lead over me each side of the course; not too shabby considering it was my first time driving this car & not being able to launch manuals very well, haha.

This driving experience will definitely help me with the Sprite, which seems “slow” in comparison. If I can get fast in this Miata… oh the possibilities.

Here are some pics of me from Jeff Shyu @ from the weekend. Check his web site for more pictures.