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Rite Way Auto Paint and Body Review in Fountain Valley, CA – AWESOME GUYS!

As some of you may know, I’ve been waiting approximately 4 weeks for Candy, my Nissan 240sx Convertible, to come back from Rite Way Auto Paint and Body in Fountain Valley so that I can track her & drive her around town again (it’s CONVERTIBLE WEATHER!).

My friend Donny @ FRSport recommended me to this body shop since he had his sileighty done here, as well as the rest of his family’s cars. They did an excellent job on Donny’s car, so I knew they’d take good care of me as well.

Original estimate was 1.5-2 weeks. Of course, from the get go, I knew there would be no way they could get my car & all the special requests I had done in that amount of time (lots of special requests – the entire car was basically being restored, body wise). Max & Jesse over at Rite Way body shop took care of me during this time. They were extremely patient and helpful. They even picked out a really nice orange for me – I had given them a picture of the approximate orange I wanted, and they got really close.

I felt bad for dropping in and “checking up” on the car every few days. I felt almost like I was harassing them (I really just wanted to snap progress pictures for my blog & review), but both Jesse & Max were nice and understanding. I even interrupted them during a lunch period one time, since that was the only time I was available that week to check on the S13. Jesse took time off his lunch to walk me through what they’ve done with the car so far and where everything was currently standing.

Reassembly - Candy 05

There were a couple small bumps along the way, as I posted earlier, due to some miscommunication on my part and not clarifying more – i.e. hood was painted black & stock bumpers were not fully prepped. However, a quick 5 minute conversation, and we were back on track.

I came in today to check on her progress; the 1 month wait was TOTALLY worth it. My baby is looking GORGEOUSSSSSS.

Reassembly - Candy 01

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